Collector Colt Estate Auction

colt gun

Are you a fan of Colt Firearms? Does the craftsmanship of these classic firearms grab your attention? Tuesday, February 21 we will be selling a collection of Colt Firearms via a one day online auction. Firearms within this auction will range from rare high end Colt, Smith & Wesson, along with various other firearms.

All of the firearms within this auction are located at our Byron Center, Michigan location and are open to view in person during our regular business hours.

colt gun

SSL Firearms specializes in holding online gun and firearms auctions. We will sell a single gun for an individual, a large collection of firearms, and anything in between! We also hold police gun auctions for stations looking to liquidate seized guns. The money from these auctions go straight back to the departments in order to fund their services to their cities. We also offer direct gun sales for individuals looking to buy who want the security of knowing the will get the gun they want. Check out our upcoming auctions on our auction website, where you can also find our direct sales. 

Looking to sell some guns and firearms? Consider selling with us in one of our online firearms auctions! Auctions are a fantastic way for you to quickly sell your property, without having to deal with a long and complicated selling process. When you sell with us your guns are presented to our pool of loyal bidders who can’t wait to buy your firearms. We are an FFL dealer, so we know the rules and regulations for firearm sales like the back of our hand. You won’t have to worry about making sure your sale is legal, you can rest assured that we will take care of all of the transfers! Contact us for more information about selling your firearms in one of our upcoming auctions.