Al Capone’s .32 Smith & Wesson Could Be Yours!

al capone gun

It is no secret that Al Capone loved golf, and because of the constant threats of his lifestyle as mob boss of the Chicago Outfit, he carried a pistol in his golf bag with him at all times.  He kept this pistol in a golf ball box hidden, but ready for any threats that presented themselves.

As you can imagine, Capone’s followers and employees included some seedy characters, and one of these men, Charles D’Agostino/Genauldi, took this .32 Smith & Wesson revolver out of a Spalding golf ball box from Al Capone’s gold golf bag at the St. Joseph House.  D’agostina was rumored to be one of Capone’s booze runners.  He later gave the stolen gun to his half-brother (Dominick D’Agostino), and Dominick later sold this gun to Robert Forrest in 1983.

This pistol was sold two more times and now the current owner has commissioned SSL Firearms  to sell this gun with no minimums and no reserves.

Monday, January 9, 2017 you will have the opportunity to bid on a piece of history! Bidding will begin at 8am and will begin to end at 8pm! To view more information on this firearm click the button below: 

Al Capone Smith & Wesson .32 Revolver

Al Capone's pistol

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