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Looking for federal firearms license dealers? Look no further!

SSL Corporation ( is one of the federal firearms license dealers in the U.S. that buys and sells guns across the country. We conduct direct sales and host online firearm auctions for consumers all across the United States. We host government gun auctions as well as auctions for individuals. We were started in 2012 and now SSL is a federal firearms licensed dealer that specializes in online firearms auctions. We have many types of used guns for sale directly or to be auctioned as well as firearm accessories. We have two independent locations within the facilities of our partner company and have the ability to accommodate our clients who with to buy or sell firearms.

federal firearms license dealers
federal firearms license dealers
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Our History

SSL Corporation ( was founded in 2012 and is part of the Miedema Companies umbrella. We specialize in selling a large variety of firearms, (modern pistols and rifles, handguns, collectible military guns, C&R guns, class III weapons and everything in between). SSL Firearms is a federal firearms licensee and we work closely with local and federal ATF agencies to ensure that all firearm transfers are done in a legal and safe manner, compliant with all ATF regulations. SSL also works with multiple police agencies across the state, selling their police seized firearms in police firearm auctions to help put funds back into the departments. In the past year alone SSL has helped raise over $500,000 for local agencies by selling police seized weapons to law abiding citizens. We strive to be the best online gun auction site to give our customers the finest firearm buying or selling experience around. 

In addition to Michigan police auctions and government gun auctions, SSL has sold numerous large estates with hundreds of guns, conducted multiple liquidations of entire gun shops, overseen current and antique firearm sales for individuals and sold firearms for the US bankruptcy court on several occasions. We typically conduct Michigan gun auctions and while many of our buyers are in state, we also have a large out of state customer base. SSL has sold and shipped guns to over 42 states! We take pride in taking care of our customers by having excellent customer service and accurate listings. We would love to assist you with your firearm buying or selling needs! Contact us today for help with your transaction.

Interesting Facts About SSL

  • In 2016, SSL sold a firearm purportedly owned by notorious gangster Al Capone for over $10,000!
  • SSL sold over $500,000 worth of police seized guns in police firearm auctions for local police departments in 2018 alone
  • SSL has now sold / shipped firearms to over 40 different states in the US