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About Us:

SSL Corporation ( is a federally licensed firearms dealer that both buys guns and hosts online firearms auctions to consumers all across the United States. Started in 2012, SSL is a licensed dealer that specializes in online gun auctions. We have all types of firearms and accessories that we sell primarily on our online platforms. While we are an online firearms auction site, we have two independent locations functioning within the facilities of our partner company We have the ability to accommodate our clients who buy and sell firearms across the United States. Click here to learn more about who we are!

General Information

We specialize in selling firearms online – private antique firearm collections or single firearms from individuals as well as for municipalities and Public Safety Departments. If you are trying to determine how to sell a firearm or have a gun collection that you are looking to buy or sell, please contact us! We make selling your firearms online safe, easy and eliminate legal concerns as we are a licensed firearm dealer.

Contact Us

Austin Miedema

President of Operations

Call 616-432-6640

SSL Firearms Offers...

  • Online firearm auction site
  • Retail gun sales through SSL Corporation (our on-site licensed firearms dealer)
  • Local Michigan gun auctions
  • Bi-Weekly consignment gun auctions that are available to the general public and dealers
  • Michigan police auctions when necessary
  • Special order guns and firearms are available
  • Firearm or gun transfer facilitator (paperwork fees do apply)
  • All types of gun and firearm accessories for sale online
  • The opportunity to buy firearms online – from gun collections to private individual firearm sales

Looking for Guns Like These & More?

Smith & Wesson 629-5 Classic .44 Magnum Revolver
Russion Izhmash/EAA Corp Saiga-410 .40 G Shotgun
Heckler & Koch UP .40 pistol
Kimber Eclipse Pro II .45 ACP Pistol

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