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A Miedema Company

SSL Corporation is an FFL dealer that both buys and sells firearms direct or at auction to customers all around the United States.

Started in 2012, SSL Corporation is a federally licensed firearms dealership that specializes in selling all types of firearms and accessories – primarily through our online auctions. Our two independent locations are within our Repocast.com, Inc. facilities and sell to eligible buyers across the United States. We also specialize in selling private collections, firearms from private individuals, and for municipalities/Public Safety Departments. We make selling your firearms safe, easy, and eliminate the legal concerns by being a licensed FFL dealer.

General Information:
We buy guns - one or entire collections

Firearms Auctions, retail sales available and special order firearms

SSL Corporation Offers:

  • Retail Gun Sales through SSL Corporation (Our on-site FFL Dealer)
  • Monthly Consignment Gun Auctions (Available to the general public & Dealers)
  • Special orders available on New Guns
  • Gun Transfers (paperwork fees apply)

SSL Firearms Corporation:

Austin Miedema
Vice President of Firearm Sales & Logistics

Call 616-432-6640

News & Updates

Collector Colt Estate Auction
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Are you a fan of Colt Firearms? Does the craftsmanship of these classic firearms grab your attention? Tuesday, February 21 we will be selling a collection of Colt Firearms via a one day online auction. Firearms within this auction will … Read More

Al Capone’s .32 Smith & Wesson Could Be Yours!
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It is no secret that Al Capone loved golf, and because of the constant threats of his lifestyle as mob boss of the Chicago Outfit, he carried a pistol in his golf bag with him at all times.  He kept … Read More

115 long guns from an estate!
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SSL Firearms Bought 115 long guns from an estate yesterday – double barrel side by sides (19) , semi auto shotguns (21) , 22 pumps (18), some rifles .308 to .458, marlin lever 336 30/30 (9), some military plus many more. … Read More