115 long guns from an estate!

long guns
SSL Firearms Bought 115 long guns from an estate yesterday Рdouble barrel side by sides (19) , semi auto shotguns (21) , 22 pumps (18), some rifles .308 to .458, marlin lever 336 30/30 (9), some military plus many more. we will sell direct or on our auction. We are still putting together the list. As always we can order new guns if needed for you or take shipment from other dealers for you.

Regardless if you are looking to buy or sell – SSL is the place to be! We hold auctions for everything from this estate sale gun collection to individual firearms. We also partner with police departments to liquidate seized guns. The funds from these gun sales then go back into the department so that they can continue to serve their cities. We hold several sporting goods auctions each month that include more than just firearms! We have had ammunition and safes come through that we are then able to sell to our bidders. You never know what you might find!

Want to buy but want a garuntee you will walk out of a sale with a gun? Check out our direct sale page on our auction site! These guns and firearms are available for immediate purchase and have very reasonable prices. Learn more about our direct sales.

Looking to sell? Regardless if you wish to hold an estate sale gun collection auction or have only one or two guns to sell, we will be more than happy to speak with you about the possibility of selling with us. Auctions are a fantastic way to quickly liquidate your firearms, and they allow you to avoid the hassle of having to negotiate with a buyer. We take care off the whole process. Plus, as we are a FFL dealer we know firearm sale regulations front and back. This takes the stress out of the process so that you can be sure your sale was 100% legal. Contact us today for more information about selling with us!