What Are The Benefits to Buying a Gun From Auction

Your Guide To Online Firearms Auctions, Sales, & Companies

It’s no secret that online auctions provide many advantages to buyers around the country and world – and firearms auctions are no exception. Buying a gun on a live or online auction provides various benefits for buyers as they seek to purchase a new addition to their armory. You might be a little skeptical about buying firearms online, and we recognize that the idea might be a little daunting, but education is key – and we want to provide you with an idea of what some of the benefits are to buying a gun from auction and online when done properly.

Cheaper Price: Find a Deal Today!

One of the largest and first benefits that draws people to an online auction to buy a gun is generally the price of the item. Auctions are known to provide high quality items for a fraction of the cost – and this is a huge benefit for people seeking to purchase a new, used, or antique firearm. Although buying a firearms via online auction does not guarantee a lower purchase price, it’s still a viable option and just one of the many benefits that buyers can experience through the online auction experience.

Reliable & Reputable Sellers

When buying a gun online from an auction, you should take the time to make sure that the company or organization you are buying form possesses a federal firearms license. This is just one way to recognize reliable and reputable sellers. When buying a firearm or gun from a federally licensed dealer, such as SSL Firearms, you will be dealing with some of the most reputable firearms organizations. There are multiple steps required by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to become a federal firearms licensee and by buying from an established, licensed organization, you can be sure that your transaction is in good hands. We would always recommend that you work with an organization or company to buy your firearm rather than making a purchase from an individual.

gun auction

Knowledgeable Sellers Who Have Done Their Research

Another benefit that you will experience through a gun auction is having the privilege to work with knowledgeable, staff that are actively doing their best to provide you with the most accurate and informational lot details as possible. The unique thing that many gun auctions feature is that a wide variety of firearms cycle through, anything from antique firearms, to hand guns, to hunting rifles. Staff members of gun auction companies (especially if they are federally licensed) have the responsibility to receive the maximum amount of details as possible from the previous owner and communicate them to the prospective buyers. They also have a responsibility to do their research as needed on each individual gun and firearm. (ie: in the case of an antique gun) If you are interested to meet our staff that handles our gun auctions as well as the team that is here to serve you throughout our firearms auctions take a look at our team page here!

Ability To Preview Firearms Before Buying

The ability to preview firearms before placing the winning bid is another huge benefit to the buyer experience. This time allows you as the buyer to take a closer look at each item that you are interested, and make sure that there are no hidden strings attached and that the gun meets your standards in what you are looking for. Inspection or preview times create a sense of transparency between buyer and seller allowing trust to be built by the buyer. Selling firearms is a big responsibility for organizations today and allowing a time for inspection and previews allows you to have confidence in not only the item that you are bidding on, but also allows the company behind the firearm to answer any questions that you might have regarding each item of interest. SSL Firearms provides inspection times for each of our individual lots being sold. Please contact our customer service team today if you have any questions about our gun auctions and preview times.

SSL Firearms is a federally licensed firearms dealer and is proud to serve the public through gun auctions and certified direct gun sales for over 7 years. We have sold over 10,000 firearms to date and are happy to help you get started with your firearm purchase. 

Click Here to contact us today with any questions, or feel free to view our current ongoing gun auctions here.

What You Need to Know About Online Gun Auctions

The beginner's guide to online firearm auctions

If you are looking for a new gun or firearm, your first idea is probably to head on over to your nearest gun shop, Dick’s sporting goods, or Cabela’s. While these stores are stocked with everything that you need for your new gun, your selection will be limited to the most recently released firearms. If you are looking for a wider selection you might want to consider buying a gun online. Online gun auction sites (such as SSL Firearms) specialize in selling everything from modern handguns to collectible, antique rifles – often at a lower price than you would find at a sporting goods store. The internet gives you access to a wide range of sellers – including police departments – and thus a wide variety of firearms that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

If you are new to online gun auctions, you will probably have a few questions regarding safety and the process as a whole. We hope that you do have questions! We take our gun and firearm sales very seriously and want to make sure that you are comfortable with our auction process before bidding. We came up with a list of things that we think are important for you to know before heading into any online firearm auction and hopefully it will help familiarize you with our system.

What You Should Know Going into One of Our Online Gun Auctions:

We are a FFL Dealer

Concerned about the safety of selling guns online? It makes sense that you might be concerned, after all, selling over the internet takes out the face to face transaction between the buyer and the seller that one generally has in a sales transaction, but you don’t need to be worried. We have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. This license gives us the ability to legally deal firearms. There are many steps to take when applying for the license with the government, so you can be sure that we take our security and privilege to have our FFL seriously.

online gun auctions

We Still Follow Local, State and Federal Laws

Just because we are selling online doesn’t mean that the rules no longer apply. Like we said, we take firearm safety very seriously, including the sales process. The general requirements to purchase a firearm from one of our online gun auctions are as follows:

  • Handgun buyers must be at least 21 years of age or older
  • Long gun buyers must be at least 18 years of age or older
  • A buyer must comply with all state and federal requirements
  • If a buyer does not have a Michigan Concealed Pistol License they must pass a NICS background check at the time of the gun transfer

Speaking of transfers, it is required that all guns and firearms go through a FFL gun transfer in order for there to be legal ownership of a gun. After you have won a firearm in one of our online gun auctions, you will have to come to our facilities to pick up the item and complete the transfer. Only the person whose name is on the invoice can come and retrieve the gun. If someone tries to have a friend or family member come instead it would be considered a federal crime that could result in a felony conviction sentence of 10 years in jail and a fine of up to $250,000. If a buyer lives out of state, we are more than happy to work with them to find another FFL dealer in their area who would be able to conduct the transfer on our behalf.

Our Sellers are Just Like You

Wondering who you’re buying from? Typically, people just like you! While occasionally we may get a firearm that belonged to someone famous, for the most part the firearms are put up for auction by normal people like you. We have conducted estate sales, selling off large quantities of guns and firearms, as well as single handguns and rifles for individuals. The one exception to this is that we work with police departments to sell police seized guns to bring revenue back to the departments. So, unless you are also part of a police department, the seller might not be just like you – but we can vouch for them.

You Can See the Guns in Person

Many people sometimes have issues with online shopping because they can’t physically touch and inspect what they are purchasing. The same thing can happen with online gun auctions! We know that sometimes you just need to feel it in your hand before you can commit to bidding. If you would like to, please feel free to schedule an appointment to come inspect the firearms that you are interested in. A huge advantage to online auctions is that the listings are up early, providing you with plenty of time to do your own research about the specific firearm that you are looking at. We try to provide as much information as possible surrounding the condition of the firearm up for auction so that you can be as informed as possible going into your firearm purchase.

If you have any further questions about the process or the advantages of buying a gun or firearm through an online auction, please contact us today! While we have covered some of the big points, we don’t want you to feel uncertain about anything – no question is too small! If you are interested in selling with us, please feel free to contact us here so that we can set up a time to talk about your collection or individual gun.

Ready to Start Bidding?

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Most Efficient Way to Legally Sell a Gun

Work with a licensed dealer!

Guns and firearms are nothing to mess around with. That’s why here at SSL Firearms we take the buying and selling of guns extremely seriously. Many people who aren’t familiar with the industry worry about the legality of selling or liquidating surplus guns or unwanted firearms. Rightfully so, they don’t want them to end up in the wrong hands. Additionally, many people are concerned about selling online, since there can be even more uncertainty as there isn’t a face to face transaction with the buyer. SSL has taken many steps to make the firearm auction process as safe and secure as possible. The easiest way for you to legally liquidate surplus guns is to work with a licensed firearms dealer such as SSL Firearms! We want to make sure that you understand the buying process so that you can feel comfortable selling with us. Read on to learn about the safety in firearm and gun sales so that you can confidently and legally sell a gun with SSL Firearms.

First things first, Federal law requires online auction sites as well as gun stores and other retailers to have a Federal Firearms License (FFL). A FFL essentialy grants an individual or company the ability to legally sell or transfer firearms. This license is gained form the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives. The bureau defines a FFL as “An individual who is licensed to engage in the business of manufacturing, importing and/or dealing in firearms. Persons must be licensed by ATF to engage in the business of firearms.” There are multiple types of licenses depending on what the FFL will be used for. Here at SSL Firearms we have a Type 1 Standard FFL, giving us the authority as a “dealer in firearms other than destructive devices.” Refer to the infographic on the ATF’s website for further types of FFLs. The process of obtaining a FFL begins by completing an application for a FFL. After the application has been processed and reviewed a background check is completed for all Responsible Persons identified in the application. Next, an Industry Operations Investigator will conduct an in-person interview and will decide whether to make a recommendation for the individual/company to grant you a FFL (assuming that the background check has passed and the individual/company is following state and local laws). If you would like more information about the process learn more here.

sell firearms safely

Besides having set regulations for our own company that provide us with the legal ability liquidate surplus guns, we have standard procedures for buyers to conduct as well. To start, individuals looking to purchase handguns must be 21 years of age or old. Buyers interested in bidding on long guns must by 18 years of age or older. In general, all buyers must comply with all state and federal restrictions to be able to participate in and buy one of the firearms in our auctions. You can see the state and federal restrictions on our resources page. Last but not least, if a buyer does NOT have a Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) they must pass a NICS background check at the time of the gun transfer. If an individual does not pass the background check they will be charged a 20% fee of the gun that they won and will be ineligible to bid on firearms in future auctions. If an individual has any questions about their eligibility to participate in one of our online auction please contact us here and we will be more than happy to help!

Once an individual has won a firearm in one of our auctions, only the person whose name is on the invoice will be able to come to our facility and pick it up. It is illegal for a friend or family member to pick up a gun for someone else. Because they will not have been verified it would be considered an illegal firearm purchase which is a federal crime that can result in a 10 year jail sentence and fine of up to $250,000. If a buyer lives out of state and is unable to come in person, we will work with them to find a FFL dealer near them that we will ship the gun to so that the transfer will be legal.

While this isn’t necessarily a safety precaution on our end, we have conducted several Michigan police auctions, working with departments across the state to sell police seized weapons to law abiding citizens. We are honored that these department trust our abilities and services to bring them the highest sales on these weapons so that the funds can go back into the departments. So, if an individual is concerned about the safety of our company, they can remember that if the police trust us, that they can too!

If you are looking to sell any number of firearms or guns, contact us to get started with the process. The safety regulations that we have in place are designated so that our entire process is legal and that our buyers and seller can put their full trust in us when conducting firearm sales. We understand that an individual may have more questions surrounding the safety of our process, so please feel free to contact us so that we can help you in any way we can! We hope we have be able to answer your question ‘how to legally sell a gun!’

legally sell a gun

Steps We Take When Conducting Police Gun Auctions

Information about our police seized firearms auctions

We have the privilege of working with many police departments in the surrounding area to liquidated police seized guns and firearms. The profits from these auctions go straight back to the police departments. Because these firearms come to us in various states, we have specific steps that we take to make sure that each gun is legally sold to a new owner. Read on to learn more about our police gun auctions and the work that we do to make sure that our buyers receive their firearms in the best condition possible.

1. Gun Inspections

The first step that we take when we receive a collection of firearms from a police department is to carefully clean and inspect each gun. We want to make sure that firearms in our possession are sold in the best state possible so that our buyers are receiving quality items. We also take time to examine the gun and note any cosmetic blemishes, the internal bore shine, and any mechanical issues that we notice upon initial inspection.

2. Guns are Sold As-Is

You may have noticed in our inspection notes that we didn’t include physically testing the firearm. In our police gun auctions, everything is sold where is, as is and with all faults. We are not able to express any warranty for these weapons as they have come to us after being confiscated by law enforcement. We do what we can in our visual inspections but cannot guarantee that the firearms are fully operational.

police seized firearms

3. Catalog and Photograph each Gun

After our initial observations we take great care to photograph and create in-depth descriptions for each firearm. We have many buyers who live too far away to attend an inspection (whether they be out of state or simply live too far away to plausibly drive to our facilities) and we want to make sure that we provide potential buyers with clear explanations for each firearm so that they are fully informed. We provide general details about a gun such as the make, model, barrel length, caliber, type, finish, serial number, etc. in addition to anything that we noticed in our inspection. This information can be found under ‘Lot Details’ on for a particular item on our auction site. We make sure to take clear photos of every detail of a gun at every angle so that a buyer knows exactly what they are buying so that there are no surprises when they receive the firearm after winning the auction.

4. In Person Inspection

For individuals who live in the area or who are willing to make the drive, we do offer in person inspection times. This allows potential bidders to come and make their own inspection of a firearm before bidding on it – we know that sometimes it all comes down to how a gun feels in your hand! If you would like to come and view one or multiple of our firearms in person, please contact us here to set up an appointment!

5. Legal Regulations

This point applies to every single one of our firearm auctions. We take gun safety and the laws surrounding firearm sales very seriously. The laws for online gun auctions are the same as traditional gun sales. Long gun buyers must be 18 years of age or older, while handgun buyers must be 21 years of age or older. All federal and state regulation must be followed. If a winning bidder does not have a Michigan CPL, they must pass a NICS background check at the time

police gun auctions

of a gun transfer. Speaking of the transfer – the winning bidder and only the winning bidder may come to pick up the firearm that they have won. It is illegal to send someone else in your place and can result in a felony conviction sentence of ten years in jail and a fine of up to $250,000. If you live out of state, we are able to have your winning firearms shipped to another Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer who can conduct the gun transfer in our place. A winning bidder is also required by state law to bring a gun case to pick up their firearms. If you do not have a case at the time of transfer, we have cases available for purchase. If you have any other questions concerning the legal and safety procedure that we take, feel free to read more here.

After all of the sales have been completed, the profits from our police auctions go straight back into a police department’s general operating fund. Police gun online auctions are a great way for a department to recover funding and help pay for their daily operations. We have had departments make over $500,000.00 alone from selling seized items! Our police departments are dedicated to protecting us and making sure that our communities are a great place to live. We are happy to be to serve them by conducting the auctions for their seized guns and firearms.

If you have any additional questions surrounding our process of selling firearms online, feel free to contact us here. We want all our bidders to feel informed, safe, and prepared when participating in one of our auctions so that they can have the best auction experience possible. Check out our current auction listings here (both police seized and traditional) to find the next gun to add to your collection! We can’t wait to see what you find!

Know of a Police Station Wanting to Sell Seized Firearms?

Want to learn more? Check out the rest of our blogs on our Resources Page

Jamison Brass & Ammunition Co. Firearms Liquidation

Upcoming Online Auction

Have you been searching for your next firearm? Your wait has ended! We are hosting a firearm liquidation for Jamison Brass & Ammunition Co. on Tuesday October 15th. Whether you are looking for a pistol or a rifle you will find what you are looking for! This is the perfect chance for you to get used to your new gun before you start hunting (make sure to follow all hunting season rules for your state. Here is the information Michigan) Check out a few of the firearms that are up for auction below, or click here to go straight to the auction.

Cheytac M310 Bolt Action .375 Cheytac Sniper Rifle

Cheytac model M310 Bolt Action Single Shot .375 Cheytac Sniper Rifle. Features a 34″ heavy fluted barrel including the screw-on muzzle break, a fluted bolt, a Becker Machine bi-pod system, and a McRees Precision metal flat base stock. Overall in good to very good lightly used condition. Stock has light normal wear/scratches from use/handling, receiver is in good condition with only a few very light scratches, bi-pod has light finish wear with a few scratches, and barrel is clean and in good condition with only a few small/light scratches as well. Rifle has a light trigger pull and weighs approx 21 pounds unloaded/with no optics. Very high bore shine with all rifling intact, clean internally and externally.

Starting Bid: $5.00

jamison rifle

CMMG Inc MK4 .300 AAC Blackout Rifle

CMMG Inc model MK4 semi-auto .300 AAC Blackout Rifle. Features a 16″ barrel (17.5″ including the muzzle break), a Bushnell Banner 4×32 scope, and an adjustable length stock. Overall in good to very good condition. Stock and forearm are both clean and in good shape with only a few small/light scratches, receiver is in great condition, chamber/bolt is clean with very minimal wear, scope is in good shape, and barrel shows very light wear and only a few small/light scratches. High bore shine, clean internally and externally. Sells with the factory box, paperwork, (1) 30-round mag, and (1) 10-round mag.

Starting Bid: $5.00

cmmg rifle

Winchester 71 Lever Action .348 WIN Rifle

Winchester model 71 lever action .348 WIN rifle. Features a 24″ barrel and smooth wood furniture. Overall in very good condition. Entire rifle is clean both internally and externally. Wood is in fantastic condition, receiver/lever/chamber are clean, and barrel is also in great shape. Very high bore shine, clean internally.

Starting Bid: $5.00

winchester 71 rifle

Uberti/Taylor's & Co 1873 Cattleman SA .38-40 cal Revolver

Uberti/Taylor’s & Co model 1873 Cattleman SA .38-40 cal Revolver. Features a 7.5″ barrel with a 13″ overall length, a 6-round cylinder, and a case hardened frame. Overall in very good condition. Entire revolver is clean both internally and externally. Grips, frame, cylinder, trigger, hammer, and barrel are all clean and in fantastic condition with no visible major wear/scratches or cosmetic defects. Very high bore shine. Sells with the factory box and paperwork.

Starting Bid: $5.00


If you’ve seen something that sparked your interest you can click the button below to head over to the auction. Bidding closes at 8pm on Tuesday, October 15th so make sure your bid is in before then!!!! If you have any questions surrounding the auction please feel free to contact us here.

Police Seized Firearms Auction

Looking for a new firearm?

It’s almost time for our police firearm auction on October 15th! We are featuring rifles, pistols, shotguns, ammo & more! These guns and firearms are being sold to bring funds back to the police departments that took them into possession. There are no minimums and no reserves! Pre-bidding is open now, and the auction officially closes on 10/15

As a reminder you must meet all the legal regulations to participate in any of our firearm auctions.

Check out a few of our featured lots below or click this link to see all the items up for auction!

Taurus Model 605 .357 Magnum Revolver

Taurus Model 605 .357 Magnum Revolver, in fair overall condition, featuring a 2″ barrel, 6.5″ overall length and a 5-round shell capacity. Gun also features rubber grips with finger grooves. Cosmetically the revolver has some scattered rust on frame, and trigger guard as well as some pitting on side of frame and rust shows when cylinder is opened as well. Gun mechanically has some flaws as trigger locks up temporarily every few shots. Cylinder still has tight rotation when gun is fired. Internally this gun has some rust and a medium internal bore shine. 

police firearm auction

Jennings J-22 .22LR Pistol

Jennings J-22 .22LR Pistol, in good overall condition, featuring a 2.5″ barrel, 4.75″ overall length, a chrome finish, laminate wood grips, and sells with (3) total magazines and a soft case. 

Gun appears to be in good cosmetic condition with no major scratches, nicks or rust visible, gun is clean both internally & externally with a high bore shine.

jennings j-22

Harrington & Richardson Premier .32 S&W Revolver

Harrington & Richardson Premier .32 S&W Revolver, in poor to fair overall condition, this gun features a 3.75″ barrel, 6.5″ overall length, and a 5-round shell capacity. Cosmetically the revolver appears to be functioning well with a tight cylinder rotation and trigger pull. Blued finish on barrel and frame both appear to have some light rust scattered, this gun is also missing grips. Overall the revolver is clean internally & externally with a medium internal bore shine and some minor internal pitting. The barrel does have a bulge. 

police gun auctions

See something that you like? Make make sure to head over to the police firearm auction to place your bid before the auction closed at the end of the day on October 15th. Click the button below to go to the auction! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here.

Is It Legal To Buy Guns Online?

Firearm Safety In Online Sales

Many times the question, “Is it safe and legal to buy guns online?” comes up surrounding online gun sales. That question can have many different answers, but when purchasing a firearm through SSL Firearms, buying a firearm is both safe and legal. SSL Firearms is a licensed FFL dealer that complies with all state and federal regulations both in handgun auctions and in the firearm transfer process. We are very adamant that all firearms that come to us are logged into our acquisition and disposition book and are only to be sold to buyers that are eligible to possess a firearm. Gun safety is one of our highest concerns. Read through the following replies to understand why the question “is it legal to buy guns online?” will always be YES with SSL.

Some of the popular questions that are asked when purchasing a firearm online are:

1.Can a gun be sent to my house? 

No, all firearms must be sent to a FFL (federal firearms license) dealer.

2.Do I need to have a background check

Yes, all firearms purchases require a federally mandated background check to be completed at the time the firearm is picked up

3.Can I have the background check done before buying a gun? 

No, the background check must be completed at the time the firearm is transferred from SSL Firearms to you.

4.Do I need to have a concealed carry permit?

No, you do not need a carry permit to buy a gun online.

5.Why does the firearm need to be shipped to a FFL? 

The Gun Control Act of 1968 outlined new rules for selling and transferring firearms. As a result, it is now federal law to have all firearms shipped to a FFL dealer so the person the firearm is being transferred to can fill out the proper paperwork and complete the required background check

Prior to bidding on any of our auctions, interested bidders are more than welcome to visit us and view the firearms in person. Many people will feel more comfortable with the bidding process when they are able to see in person what they are bidding on in one of our Michigan gun auctions. 

If you have questions about the firearms you are bidding on our staff is ready to answer any questions you might have. Click here to contact us today. Check out some of our other frequently asked questions, or proceed to the online auctions!

Strong. Durable. Dependable. Ruger.

Ruger New Model Single Six .22 cal Revolver Up for Auction

Known for being strong, durable, dependable and versatile, the Ruger New Model Single-Six single revolvers are the perfect small bore single-action revolver for pinking, small game hunting or serious competition.

One of the popular features of this gun is its transfer bar mechanism and loading gate interlock which provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge.

If you want a trouble free handgun right out of the gate, a popular single action revolver like the Ruger Single Six is a smart choice. One fun feature about this firearm is loading and unloading the firearm, as this firearm loads like an old cowboy guns in old western movies, taking you back to days of the past. The cylinder is freed by opening the loading gate. There is no need to half-cock the hammer to get the cylinder to spin. With the gate open insert one round and rotate the cylinder to the next chamber to repeat until you have six rounds loaded.

If this firearm sounds like something you would like to get your hands on, you’re in luck! Tuesday, August 6 we are selling a Ruger New Model Single Six .22 cal Revolver through an online auction.
For more information on this firearm, follow this link: Ruger New Model Single Six .22 cal Revolver 

Firearms Available For Purchase…Now!

Don't want to wait for an auction? Check out these firearms for direct sale online!

Along with monthly online auctions, SSL Firearms also offers “buy now” firearms for sale online. These firearms are brand new and are located at our Byron Center, Michigan Location.

Different than an auction, these firearms come with “buy it now” pricing, so you know how much you will be paying for it upfront. This is perfect for anyone wanting certainty in their purchase, or for those who just can’t wait to buy their firearm!

Just like any other firearm purchase through SSL Firearms, the following requirements will need to be followed:

1. 18 years of age or older;
2. Purchase permit or dealer’s license is not required;
3. Buyer will be required to pass a NIC background check (valid CPL holders are exempt from background check);
4. Muzzle loaders do not require background check.
5. If buyer lives outside of Michigan, we are required to ship to an FFL dealer in your state for pick up.

At this time, SSL Firearms currently has 11 different firearms available for purchase. If you are looking for something small, there is an option of a Ruger LCP .380 Auto Pistol. If you are looking for something with a little more power behind it, there is always the option of a Heritage Rough Rider .22LR Revolver.

All of the firearms for sale online in our “buy it now” category can be found on our website. We know you’ll find the perfect firearm to add to your collection! If you are looking for more information on direct sales, checkout this page on our website.

direct gun sales


The Importance of Gun Cleaning

Keeping your gun clean is a number one priority. A clean gun is a safe gun.

Every time you fire your gun, carbon, lead, copper, and plastic—if shooting shotgun—residue are left in the barrel, chamber and action. After many, many rounds, this residue can begin to build up.

This fouling comes from the powder, wad, and bullets. Further, moisture from weather and sweat can cause corrosive rust to damage your gun’s metal parts. Fouling built up over time can impact a gun’s reliability. You’ll find that a dirty gun causes many malfunctions.

There are many different types of cleaning kits on the market, some that come higher recommended than others. Below is a list of the top 10 best gun cleaning kits. You may have your own favorite go-to cleaning kit that isn’t on our list. Regardless of the kit, we applaud you for keeping your gun clean!