SSLFirearms Auction Results:

High-End Collectible Firearms & Accessories From A Private Estate

SSLFirearms successfully concluded its recent auction featuring high-end collectible firearms and accessories from a single private estate. The auction, held on June 4th, 2024, saw strong participation from bidders across the United States, with a total revenue exceeding $106,000. Bidders hailed fromĀ  17 states including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Oregon and many more.

Top Seller: Winchester Model 42 Angelo Bee Custom Upgrade

The star of the auction was Lot 41-2667, a Winchester Model 42 Angelo Bee Custom Upgrade .410 Ga Skeet Slide Action Shotgun (1933 Mfg), which achieved a staggering final bid of $7,750. Looking for your own Winchester Model 42? Look no further, we have (4) in our June 25 Auction – View auction details.

History of the Winchester Model 42

The Winchester Model 42, introduced in 1933, was a groundbreaking firearm specifically designed for the .410 bore cartridge. It held the distinction of being the first pump-action shotgun chambered for this caliber. Designed by William Roemer with significant contributions from Frank F. Burton, the Model 42 was intended to provide a reliable and functional shotgun option in a smaller, more manageable size. This appealed to younger shooters and those seeking a lightweight firearm. Production continued until 1963, with over 164,000 units manufactured.

Key Features of the Winchester Model 42

The Model 42 is renowned for its smooth action and reliability. Here’s a quick rundown of its key specifications:

  • Gauge: Exclusively chambered for .410 bore
  • Barrel Lengths: Commonly available in 26, 28, and 30 inches
  • Chokes: Offered with Full, Modified, and Improved Cylinder choke options
  • Sights: Typically bead sights, with some models featuring improved sighting options like vent rib barrels
  • Stock: Walnut stocks with variations in grade and checkering depending on the model
Winchester Model 42 Angelo Bee Custom Upgrade .410 Ga Skeet Slide Action Shotgun
Winchester Model 42 Angelo Bee Custom Upgrade .410 Ga Skeet Slide Action Shotgun

Types and Variants of the Winchester Model 42

The Model 42 was offered in various configurations to suit different shooting applications:

  • Standard Grade: The most widely available variant, featuring a plain barrel and basic walnut stock.
  • Deluxe Grade: This variant boasted a higher-grade walnut stock and fore-end, often featuring checkering for improved grip. Additionally, it offered a vent rib barrel option, popular among skeet shooters.
  • Skeet Grade: Designed specifically for skeet shooting, this variant included a vent rib barrel, checkered stocks, and improved sights, typically with a shorter 26-inch barrel length optimized for skeet shooting distances.
  • Trap Grade: A less common variant intended for trap shooting, featuring similar enhancements as the Skeet Grade but with barrel lengths more suited to the trap shooting discipline.
  • Pigeon Grade: The pinnacle of the Model 42 offerings, the Pigeon Grade showcased premium walnut stocks with intricate checkering, a highly polished finish, and often custom engravings. These limited-production shotguns are highly sought after by collectors today.
  • Custom and Special Editions: Over the years, Winchester produced various custom and special edition Model 42s, often featuring unique engravings, special wood finishes, or commemorative markings.

Angelo Bee: The Master Engraver

The specific Model 42 that achieved the top sale price in the SSLFirearms auction featured an upgrade by Angelo Bee, a renowned master engraver known for his exquisite and artistic work on firearms.

Angelo Bee's Background & Career

Born in Belgium in 1931, Angelo Bee displayed an early aptitude for art and craftsmanship, which ultimately led him to the world of firearms engraving. After undergoing a rigorous apprenticeship under the tutelage of esteemed Belgian engravers, Bee’s skills were honed to perfection. In the 1950s, he relocated to the United States and began working with Browning Arms Company, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality firearms. This platform provided Bee with the opportunity to showcase his exceptional engraving talents. During his tenure at Browning, Bee became particularly well-known for his work on the Browning Superposed shotguns. His engravings were characterized by intricate scrollwork, game scenes, and ornate designs that significantly enhanced the aesthetic appeal of these firearms. After his time with Browning, Bee continued to flourish as an independent engraver, taking on custom commissions from collectors, gun enthusiasts, and prominent figures.

Angelo Bee: The Master Engraver
Winchester Model 42 Angelo Bee Custom Upgrade .410 Ga Skeet Slide Action Shotgun