The Importance of Gun Cleaning

Keeping your gun clean is a number one priority. A clean gun is a safe gun.

Every time you fire your gun, carbon, lead, copper, and plastic—if shooting shotgun—residue are left in the barrel, chamber and action. After many, many rounds, this residue can begin to build up.

This fouling comes from the powder, wad, and bullets. Further, moisture from weather and sweat can cause corrosive rust to damage your gun’s metal parts. Fouling built up over time can impact a gun’s reliability. You’ll find that a dirty gun causes many malfunctions.

There are many different types of cleaning kits on the market, some that come higher recommended than others. Below is a list of the top 10 best gun cleaning kits. You may have your own favorite go-to cleaning kit that isn’t on our list. Regardless of the kit, we applaud you for keeping your gun clean!

The Best Handgun For Home Defense

We can't just pick one so we're giving you our Top 10!

Home defense is becoming seemly popular especially in residential areas. Home owners want to have the comfort and knowledge that they are safe when they are inside their home. A popular question from first time firearm purchasers are “what is the best handgun for home defense?”


When asking this question you may receive many different answers as everyone has their favorite firearm. We have done our research and below are the top 10 best handguns for home defense:

1.Taurus Raging Judge Magnum Revolver Find It Here

2. Smith & Wesson 629 in .44 Magnum Find It Here

3. Ruger GP100 Find It Here

4. Sig Sauer P226 MK-25

5. Glock 41 Gen4 Find It Here

6. Colt Close Quarter Battle Pistol (CQBP) Find It Here

7. Beretta M9A1 Find It Here

8. Glock 19 Click Here

9.  S&W Governor Click Here

10.  Ruger SP101 Click Here

  If you would like to be educated on any of these firearms our staff is more than happy to help! Contact us here with questions.  
home defense

Sporting Goods & Police Seized Auction

Each month we host a Sporting Goods & Police Seized Online Firearm Auction. These auctions consist of new and used firearms, both modern & collectible. Within our auctions you can also find ammunition, reloading equipment, as well as brand new items from multiple sporting goods stores and personal collections.

All of the firearms that we sell are described with the upmost detail, as we fully inspect the items that we sell.

Our auctions sell with no minimums and no reserves and will sell to the highest bidder at the end of the auction.

Our next auction will take place on Tuesday, October 16 with bidding opening on Monday, October 15th.


New-Beretta ARX 100 5.56 Rifle   Winchester 64 Lever Action .32 W.S. Rifle

Buy Iconic Joe Louis Arena Seats!

Joe Louis Arena seatsPurchase your historic Joe Louis Arena seats TODAY! Detroit Fans have the opportunity to own a piece of history starting today!

Tuesday, May 1st:
Season Ticket holders get first opportunity to purchase seats.

Saturday, May 12th:
General Public gets to purchase remaining seats.

*All seats must be purchased through*
Seats will be sold in minimum sets of 2 or more – and will start at $150 per seat. Please check the website for pricing, availability and terms.

*Have questions? Contact Brennen Lubbers at 313.733.0304 or

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Nikki Lee Auction: Part 1

This first of three World Famous Nikki Lee Online Auctions will take place on Tuesday, September 19th. Part 1 will be open to the public, while parts 2 and 3 will only be available to Class III dealers, Legally Eligible Law Enforcement & Military Agencies.

All of the firearms within these auctions are located at our Byron Center, Michigan facility and will be available for viewing during normal posted business hours.

World Famous Nikki Lee Firearms to be Auctioned!

Nikki Lee, the world record holder and self-proclaimed burnout king, committed suicide in his Ann Arbor, Michigan apartment just as Federal Agents were prepping to arrest him on charges of bankruptcy fraud and falsifying loan applications.

Nikki Lee was known as the “Burnout King” for his prowess in burning out motorcycle tires at biker shows. Lee traveled on the so-called “World Burnout Tour.” Lee was touted as holding various records for the longest burnout — where the rider revs a motorcycle with the back wheel spinning until it disintegrates.

Since Nikki Lee’s death, the bankruptcy case against him, Bankruptcy Case # 08-24243-SVK, has taken many years to formulate due to the complications of fully automatic machine guns involved in the assets.

The bankruptcy trustee, working with the ATF has commissioned SSL Firearms to conduct three online public auctions of approximately 50 guns which included registered machine guns, silencers and additional weapons including a grenade launcher. 

These auctions will be one of a kind featuring Colt M16 s, H and K, and many other weapons of high consumer interest.  The complete list can be seen at   The auction dates will be Tuesday, September 19, Tuesday, October 24 and Tuesday, October 28th.

Collector Colt Estate Auction

Are you a fan of Colt Firearms? Does the craftsmanship of these classic firearms grab your attention? Tuesday, February 21 we will be selling a collection of Colt Firearms via a one day online auction. Firearms within this auction will range from rare high end Colt, Smith & Wesson, along with various other firearms.

All of the firearms within this auction are located at our Byron Center, Michigan location and are open to view in person during our regular business hours.

colt gun

Al Capone’s .32 Smith & Wesson Could Be Yours!

It is no secret that Al Capone loved golf, and because of the constant threats of his lifestyle as mob boss of the Chicago Outfit, he carried a pistol in his golf bag with him at all times.  He kept this pistol in a golf ball box hidden, but ready for any threats that presented themselves.

As you can imagine, Capone’s followers and employees included some seedy characters, and one of these men, Charles D’Agostino/Genauldi, took this .32 Smith & Wesson revolver out of a Spalding golf ball box from Al Capone’s gold golf bag at the St. Joseph House.  D’agostina was rumored to be one of Capone’s booze runners.  He later gave the stolen gun to his half-brother (Dominick D’Agostino), and Dominick later sold this gun to Robert Forrest in 1983.

This pistol was sold two more times and now the current owner has commissioned SSL Firearms  to sell this gun with no minimums and no reserves.

Monday, January 9, 2017 you will have the opportunity to bid on a piece of history! Bidding will begin at 8am and will begin to end at 8pm! To view more information on this firearm click the button below: 

Al Capone Smith & Wesson .32 Revolver

al capone gun