the best handgun for home defense

The Best Handgun For Home Defense

We can't just pick one so we're giving you our Top 10!

Home defense is becoming seemly popular especially in residential areas. Home owners want to have the comfort and knowledge that they are safe when they are inside their home. Making sure to have a self defense weapon on hand is more important than ever – especially depending on where you live. City and suburb dwellers will likely be protecting themselves against intruders and robbers. If you’re in the country, you may be defending your property and family against wild animals, not just burglars.

The most popular self-defense guns you will find are handguns – hence why we wrote this article about the best handgun for home defense. Not only are the effective, they are easy to handle and easy to safely hide away. When picking out the handgun you want to use for self defense there are a few things that you need to consider:

store safely but convienetyl 


First things first you want to be comfortable using the gun you will be protecting your home with. As with any gun, it should feel good in your hand and be easy to shoot. If there are multiple people who will likely be using the gun (say you and your spouse) you will want to make sure that all parties feel comfortable shooting the gun. 


Practice makes perfect! If you have a specified gun for home defense, you likely aren’t shooting with it regularly. Make sure to take it out to a range and practice shooting with it. If you aren’t used to handling it, you won’t feel confident in your aim should you have to use it in self defense – which is not something you want to feel when threatened. Again, make sure that anyone who might handle the gun takes the time to practice as well. You want to make sure that everyone is confident in their shooting abilities. 

Regular Maintenance

Make sure that you are performing regular maintenance on your self defense gun. Just because you don’t regularly use it doesn’t mean that you can assume that it is in perfect working condition. In the same way you should regularly practice shooting, you should regularly schedule maintenance checkups so that you know that your gun will work when you need it.

Safe Storage

Safely storing a self defense weapon is imperative – especially considering you will likely keep the gun loaded. You will want to make sure that you store it somewhere that you can quickly get to in the event of an intruder, such as in your bedside table. As always you will want to have the safety on and do everything possible to secure the gun. If you have children in your home, make sure that your storage location is out of reach and secured to prevent them from accidentally handling the weapon. While you want the gun to be easily accessible to you, you must make sure that safety is a top priority when working with a self defense gun. 

A popular question from first time firearm purchasers are “what is the best handgun for home defense?” When asking this question you may receive many different answers as everyone has their favorite firearm. We have done our research and below are the top 10 best handguns for home defense:

1.Taurus Raging Judge Magnum Revolver Find It Here

2. Smith & Wesson 629 in .44 Magnum Find It Here

3. Ruger GP100 Find It Here

4. Sig Sauer P226 MK-25

5. Glock 41 Gen4 Find It Here

6. Colt Close Quarter Battle Pistol (CQBP) Find It Here

7. Beretta M9A1 Find It Here

8. Glock 19 Click Here

9.  S&W Governor Click Here

10.  Ruger SP101 Click Here

We hope that this guide has helped you determine what gun will work best for your home. If you would like to be educated on any of these firearms our staff is more than happy to help! Contact us here with questions. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these firearms, check out our upcoming auctions here.

Original Post 7/9/19 Revised 1/20/20

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