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How to Obtain Your Concealed Pistol License in Michigan

Many people keep their guns on them for their own self defense as well as to protect others. If you would like to carry your gun on you it is important that you have a Concealed Pistol License. A CPL legally allows you to have your gun on your person. In this article we will outline the steps that an individual must take to obtain their Concealed Pistol License in the state of Michigan. *If you are not a resident in the state of Michigan, check out Concealed Pistol License Information by State here.

State Requirements

Age & Citizenship

We will start by discussing the state requirements to obtain a Concealed Pistol License. The majority of these regulations are very standard and will allow any law-abiding and capable Michigan resident to receive their permit. First, anyone applying for a CPL must be at least 21 years of age. They must also be a citizen of the United States of America or an alien that has been legally admitted into the United States.


Next, the applicant must be a Michigan resident and hold a valid state-issued driver’s license or personal information card to receive a Michigan Concealed Pistol License. Make sense, right? Additionally, an individual will have to have had residency and live in the state six months before applying. The six month waiting period will be waived if the application has a valid Concealed Pistol License that was issued from another state or if an emergency license is required. An applicant is considered a legal Michigan resident if they have a valid Michigan driver’s license or personal identification card, are registered to vote in Michigan, are on active duty with the United States Armed Forces and are stationed outside of Michigan but Michigan is their home of record OR are permanently stationed in Michigan even if their home record is in another state.

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Additional Requirements

All applicants looking to obtain a Michigan Concealed Pistol License must show that they can properly handle a gun and have knowledge of gun safety by completing a safety training course or class such as this one. It is imperative that everyone knows how to properly carry a firearm so that they know how to protect themselves and others when it is in use or concealed. Gun safety is imperative to receiving the license.

Any CPL applicant cannot be subject to an order or disposition for: involuntary hospitalization or involuntary alternative treatment, legal incapacitation, personal protection order, bond or conditional release prohibiting purchase or possession of a firearm, or lastly finding of not guilty by reason of insanity. Additionally, an individual can not be prohibited from possessing, using, selling, etc. firearms. They can not be convicted of a felony in Michigan or elsewhere and must not have a felony charge pending in the state of Michigan or elsewhere when applying for the license. The applicant can also not have been dishonorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces.

There are additional misdemeanor violations that an applicant must not have been convicted of in the past 3 or 8 years (specific to each misdemeanor). There also must not be a pending misdemeanor for the individual during the application period. See state requirements 9 and 10 for the full list. Points 11 through 14 cover requirements concerning past pleas of insanity, diagnosed mental illness that include assessment that the individual is a danger to themselves or others, as well as court orders of legal incapacity in the state of Michigan or elsewhere.

Federal Requirements

Each applicant for a Concealed Pistole License must undergo a NICS background check. This is a requirement for anyone in the country looking to obtain a concealed carry license. Passing a background check helps to prevent people who are undeserving of carrying from obtaining a permit and abusing its power. Learn more about NICS background checks here.

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The information presented in this article comes from the Michigan State Police Concealed Pistol License Requirements. You can find more details on their website.

Please let us know if you have any question about obtaining a Michigan Concealed Pistol License. We treat gun safety with the top priority here at SSL Firearms and want to make sure that you feel completely comfortable working with our company. We are a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, which grants us the ability to legally sell and transfer firearms. If you want to learn more about the requirements to hold an FFL, check out our past blog post. Contact us today with any questions concerning gun safety, sales, or receiving a Michigan CPL.