World Famous Nikki Lee Firearms to be Auctioned!

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Nikki Lee, the world record holder and self-proclaimed burnout king, committed suicide in his Ann Arbor, Michigan apartment just as Federal Agents were prepping to arrest him on charges of bankruptcy fraud and falsifying loan applications.

Nikki Lee was known as the “Burnout King” for his prowess in burning out motorcycle tires at biker shows. Lee traveled on the so-called “World Burnout Tour.” Lee was touted as holding various records for the longest burnout — where the rider revs a motorcycle with the back wheel spinning until it disintegrates.

Since Nikki Lee’s death, the bankruptcy case against him, Bankruptcy Case # 08-24243-SVK, has taken many years to formulate due to the complications of fully automatic machine guns involved in the assets.

The bankruptcy trustee, working with the ATF has commissioned SSL Firearms to conduct three online public auctions of approximately 50 guns which included registered machine guns, silencers and additional weapons including a grenade launcher. 

These auctions will be one of a kind featuring Colt M16 s, H and K, and many other weapons of high consumer interest.  The complete list can be seen at   The auction dates will be Tuesday, September 19, Tuesday, October 24 and Tuesday, October 28th.