The Importance of Gun Cleaning

Keeping your gun clean is a number one priority. A clean gun is a safe gun.

Every time you fire your gun, carbon, lead, copper, and plastic—if shooting shotgun—residue are left in the barrel, chamber and action. After many, many rounds, this residue can begin to build up.

This fouling comes from the powder, wad, and bullets. Further, moisture from weather and sweat can cause corrosive rust to damage your gun’s metal parts. Fouling built up over time can impact a gun’s reliability. You’ll find that a dirty gun causes many malfunctions.

There are many different types of cleaning kits on the market, some that come higher recommended than others. Below is a list of the top 10 best gun cleaning kits. You may have your own favorite go-to cleaning kit that isn’t on our list. Regardless of the kit, we applaud you for keeping your gun clean!

Gun safety is a top priority for us here at SSL Firearms. Regardless if you are looking to sell a gun collection or want to buy a firearm in one of our online gun auctions, you will want to be sure that you clean it and perform general maintenance. Of course, safety is also a concern when deciding how you would like to sell your guns. Selling firearms online is a fantastic way to get a great price for your items. As and FFL dealer, you can be sure that your sale will be completely safe and legal with SSL Firearms. Contact us if you are interested in selling one or multiple guns and firearms in one of our online auctions!