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Ruger New Model Single Six .22 cal Revolver Up for Auction

Known for being strong, durable, dependable and versatile, the Ruger New Model Single-Six single revolvers are the perfect small bore single-action revolver for pinking, small game hunting or serious competition.

One of the popular features of this gun is its transfer bar mechanism and loading gate interlock which provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge.

If you want a trouble free handgun right out of the gate, a popular single action revolver like the Ruger Single Six is a smart choice. One fun feature about this firearm is loading and unloading the firearm, as this firearm loads like an old cowboy guns in old western movies, taking you back to days of the past. The cylinder is freed by opening the loading gate. There is no need to half-cock the hammer to get the cylinder to spin. With the gate open insert one round and rotate the cylinder to the next chamber to repeat until you have six rounds loaded.

If this firearm sounds like something you would like to get your hands on, you’re in luck! Tuesday, August 6 we are selling a Ruger New Model Single Six .22 cal Revolver through an online auction.
For more information on this firearm, follow this link: Ruger New Model Single Six .22 cal Revolver