Steps We Take When Conducting Police Gun Auctions

police seized firearms

Information about our police seized firearms auctions

We have the privilege of working with many police departments in the surrounding area to liquidated police seized guns and firearms. The profits from these auctions go straight back to the police departments. Because these firearms come to us in various states, we have specific steps that we take to make sure that each gun is legally sold to a new owner. Read on to learn more about our police gun auctions and the work that we do to make sure that our buyers receive their firearms in the best condition possible.

1. Gun Inspections

The first step that we take when we receive a collection of firearms from a police department is to carefully clean and inspect each gun. We want to make sure that firearms in our possession are sold in the best state possible so that our buyers are receiving quality items. We also take time to examine the gun and note any cosmetic blemishes, the internal bore shine, and any mechanical issues that we notice upon initial inspection.

2. Guns are Sold As-Is

You may have noticed in our inspection notes that we didn’t include physically testing the firearm. In our police gun auctions, everything is sold where is, as is and with all faults. We are not able to express any warranty for these weapons as they have come to us after being confiscated by law enforcement. We do what we can in our visual inspections but cannot guarantee that the firearms are fully operational.

police seized firearms

3. Catalog and Photograph each Gun

After our initial observations we take great care to photograph and create in-depth descriptions for each firearm. We have many buyers who live too far away to attend an inspection (whether they be out of state or simply live too far away to plausibly drive to our facilities) and we want to make sure that we provide potential buyers with clear explanations for each firearm so that they are fully informed. We provide general details about a gun such as the make, model, barrel length, caliber, type, finish, serial number, etc. in addition to anything that we noticed in our inspection. This information can be found under ‘Lot Details’ on for a particular item on our auction site. We make sure to take clear photos of every detail of a gun at every angle so that a buyer knows exactly what they are buying so that there are no surprises when they receive the firearm after winning the auction.

4. In Person Inspection

For individuals who live in the area or who are willing to make the drive, we do offer in person inspection times. This allows potential bidders to come and make their own inspection of a firearm before bidding on it – we know that sometimes it all comes down to how a gun feels in your hand! If you would like to come and view one or multiple of our firearms in person, please contact us here to set up an appointment!

5. Legal Regulations

This point applies to every single one of our firearm auctions. We take gun safety and the laws surrounding firearm sales very seriously. The laws for online gun auctions are the same as traditional gun sales. Long gun buyers must be 18 years of age or older, while handgun buyers must be 21 years of age or older. All federal and state regulation must be followed. If a winning bidder does not have a Michigan CPL, they must pass a NICS background check at the time

police gun auctions

of a gun transfer. Speaking of the transfer – the winning bidder and only the winning bidder may come to pick up the firearm that they have won. It is illegal to send someone else in your place and can result in a felony conviction sentence of ten years in jail and a fine of up to $250,000. If you live out of state, we are able to have your winning firearms shipped to another Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealer who can conduct the gun transfer in our place. A winning bidder is also required by state law to bring a gun case to pick up their firearms. If you do not have a case at the time of transfer, we have cases available for purchase. If you have any other questions concerning the legal and safety procedure that we take, feel free to read more here.

After all of the sales have been completed, the profits from our police auctions go straight back into a police department’s general operating fund. Police gun online auctions are a great way for a department to recover funding and help pay for their daily operations. We have had departments make over $500,000.00 alone from selling seized items! Our police departments are dedicated to protecting us and making sure that our communities are a great place to live. We are happy to be to serve them by conducting the auctions for their seized guns and firearms.

If you have any additional questions surrounding our process of selling firearms online, feel free to contact us here. We want all our bidders to feel informed, safe, and prepared when participating in one of our auctions so that they can have the best auction experience possible. Check out our current auction listings here (both police seized and traditional) to find the next gun to add to your collection! We can’t wait to see what you find!

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