Gun Accessories for Hunting Season

The Best Gun Accessories for Hunting Season

With the weather cooling down and hunting season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about getting your guns cleaned and sighted and dusting off your hunting clothes. Don’t forget to think about upgrading some of your gear so that you can have the most successful season possible this year. So, as your preparing to head out for your first hunt of the season, what are some of the best gun accessories that you want to consider adding to your pack? Many of your more specific supplies will depend on what you are hunting for this season, as well as where you are going to be hunting, so here a few general hunting accessories that you won’t want to go without this year.

Ammunition Case

A good ammunition case is one of the first things that you’ll want for your hunting expedition. A good case will keep your ammo dry, safe, and in one easily accessible area for whenever you need it. It’s a good idea to upgrade your ammunition from the box it came in, into a heavier duty box that is ready for any weather, landscape, or terrain depending on where your prey takes you. There are many great ammunition cases out there, on places like or for reasonable prices – go find yourself one today!

Gun or Rifle Sling

Purchasing a reliable gun sling is important when it comes to preparing your gear for the upcoming season. A quality sling will last you years and allow you to hunt smart, safe, and quietly. There are hundreds of gun sling options including padded slings, leather slings, slings with ammo loops, and more! Carrying your gun safely is easier with a sling, not to mention a necessity to climb with your firearm if you are hunting from a tree!

ammunition case gun accessory

Gun Case

A quality gun case is one of the best gun accessories to have and is crucial for any hunter. A case protects your gun, allows for safe transit, as well as keeps it dry and in good condition. You can invest in a soft cover slip gun case which might cost a little less up front but will not provide you with the protection, or weatherproof capability that a hard case will. A quality firearm hard case might be more of an investment up front, but generally will provide a better environment for your firearm as well as possibly some extra storage space for you to carry some other things you might need.

Shooting sticks

Some people downplay the necessity of having shooting sticks along with them for hunting season. But if you’re hunting with a rifle or larger firearm, you’ll want shooting sticks to make sure that you can keep your gun as steady as possible to make the best shot that you can make. Shooting sticks allows hunters to expand their locations, not being confined to only locations where a blind, stand, or place where a “built in” gun rest exists. With shooting sticks you can go anywhere and hunt anywhere. This is important for any hunters who participate in hunting by stalking their prey! You have the freedom to move and set up wherever you need to in order to get the best shot.


Although having a scope is not always necessary, it’s highly recommended when it comes to hunting with a rifle and other select firearms. A scope can assist a hunter to make the best shot they can make – as well as increasing your range of shot! Invest in a good scope that will last you years of hunting seasons, you will not regret adding that quality glass to your collection. Purchasing a high quality scope may seem expensive up front, but it may be the difference in filling your tag or coming back empty handed. 

Other Useful Hunting Accessories You Won't Want To Be Without

There are a bunch of other various items that you will not want to leave the house without when it comes to hunting season this year. Be sure to pack your license and gear, along with the following items…


A rangefinder is helpful for any hunter in discovering distance and executing the best shot possible - especially when you are in a new location that you might not know as well. When you first settle into your hunting spot be sure to range find a few distinct land marks and various distances as you may not have the time to do so in the moment

LED Flashlight

Consider packing an LED flashlight into your pack as well as a black light, and maybe in a hat light too! When dusk closes in on a hunter, it can be challenging to find your way back to camp, not to mention impossible to follow any sort of blood trail. Packing in at least a good flashlight will be useful for any hunter.

Extra Batteries

Spending time out in the wilderness is a sure way to drain your batteries quickly – make sure to pack some extra batteries for your flashlight, rangefinder, and any other battery-operated items, but also consider taking a portable charging port or battery pack. You can find portable battery packs almost anywhere, all you have to do is charge it up before you leave, and when your phone or other items are getting low, plug in!

Handheld GPS

Purchasing a handheld GPS is a great accessory to add to your hunting bag. You never know where your cell phone might drop service leaving you in an unfamiliar location. Garmin has tons of handheld GPS options that will fit anyone's budget.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection might not be at the top of most hunters priority list, but we are here to tell you that it is an important piece of gear that people should have in their bags. Guns are loud and can damage your ears if not protected – so throw in a pair of ear plugs, just for good measure.

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