Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing firearms in Michigan can be much different than purchasing firearms in other states. Please make sure you know the laws and facts before proceeding to the auctions. Browse our frequently asked questions for a refresher on the basics of online gun sales. Learn the answers to questions like “What is a FFL dealer?”, “Is it safe to buy a firearm online?” as well as how to legally sell a gun. We want to make sure you are fully informed before participating in any of our online auctions. Email us at or contact us with additional questions. If you are interested in selling firearms online with SSL, contact us here.

  • Handgun buyers must be 21 years of age or older
  • Long gun buyers must be 18 years of age or older
  • Buyer must comply with all state and federal regulations
  • If the buyer does not have a Michigan CPL they must pass a NICS background check at the time of the gun transfer

To bid on a firearm you must first create an account and have a valid credit card on file. Pre-Bidding takes place up until the auction date. You may place a “max-bid” which will increase in $5 increments as other bids are placed, or you can bid dynamically while the auction is taking place.

Yes, buying a gun from SSL Firearms is both safe and legal. SSL is a licensed FFL dealer that complies with all state and federal regulations. We ensure that all guns are logged into our acquisition and disposition book and only sold to buyers who are eligible to possess a firearm. Additionally, we have been trusted by municipalities and Public Safety Departments to conduct Michigan police auctions, so you can be sure that our auction process is safe and secure. 

Once the auction is completed, you will be sent an invoice if you were the successful high bidder of an item.

The invoice will include payment instructions and pick up dates. We generally have open pick up times Wednesday & Thursday after the auction from 9-5 and Friday from 8-4:30.

If you cannot make it during those times we do allow Monday pick-ups by appointment.

The only person allowed to pick up a firearm is the person whose name is on the invoice and intends to have the gun transferred to them.

Having somebody else pick up a firearm for you is illegal and could be considered a straw purchase.

If you absolutely cannot pick up the firearm within the allotted time please call us and we can work with you to make other arrangements.

Selling firearms online through SSL is safe, easy and legal. If you have guns you would like to sell please call us to schedule an appointment. When selling a gun you must bring a Valid ID and we will have a contract for you to sign. Please make sure to also have an account with SSL before bringing your guns in to sell. There are no up front costs to selling a firearm, all commission and fees are deducted from your net proceeds. Checks are generally mailed out 2-weeks after the auction.

A FFL dealer is a business or individual with a Federal Firearms License. These licensees are usually gun shops, gunsmiths, and manufacturers, but can also be individuals. FFL dealers have been approved by the ATF to do background checks and take all the other necessary steps to legally conduct a gun transfer for an individual. Any firearm being shipped to an individual must be shipped to a local FFL dealer so that the gun transfer can be processed in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

There are many online databases with lists of FFL holders by zip code. The quickest way to find one is simply through a google search. If you are having trouble finding a dealer please contact us and we can assist you with locating one.

  • When an item status shows as “Pre-Bidding” this simply means that bids placed are not displayed on the auction site until the date the auction is scheduled to open.
  • Although there may actually be pre-bids placed on the item, an item in pre-bidding status will show # of bids placed as 0 and the current bid (required bid) will show as the opening bid.
  • You may place a pre-bid through the same process as normal bidding. You can monitor and view your bidding activity on items in pre-bid status from your Watch List.
  • If you are notified when placing a pre-bid that your bid is not higher than another user’s pre-bid this means that another bidder(s) has already placed a pre-bid equal to or higher the amount of the pre-bid you are attempting to place. You will need to raise your pre-bid if you want to be in the winning position.
  • All pre-bids will be tallied and shown when the auction actually begins.

This depends on what kind of gun you are purchasing. If you are buying a gun that is on the ATF approved list of C&R guns, you do not have to pass a background check and we can ship the guns to you if you are out of state. If purchasing a gun that is under 50 years old and is not included on the ATF’s list, you must pass a background check or have your gun shipped to a licensed FFL dealer.

Yes, SSL can conduct firearm and gun transfers from other gun auction websites so long as they are a valid FFL dealer as well. There will be a fee of $40 per gun. We can also facilitate transfers from traditional brick and mortar dealers as well.

Please contact us beforehand to set up an appointment to pick up your gun as our hours may vary on non-auction weeks.

If you do not pass the NICS background check, you will be charged a 20% fee and will be ineligible to bid on firearms in future auctions.

You may not have a friend or family member complete the transfer for you as this would be considered a straw purchase. An illegal firearm purchase (straw purchase) is a federal crime. An illegal firearm purchase can bring a felony conviction sentence of ten years in jail and a fine of up to $250,000.

There are multiple ways you can keep track of what you have bid on.

The simplest way is to go to “My Watchlist” once you are logged into your account. Any item that you have bid on will be automatically included on this list. You may also sign up for email and text notifications to be sent when your pre bid has increased or when you have been outbid by another user.

Please bear with us after an auction as there can be hundreds of guns to securely package and ship.

Firearms will be shipped in the order their payments and paperwork are completed.

You may expedite this process by contacting your FFL dealer before the auction to send a copy of their license to

Almost every firearms auction has a buyer’s premium that is charged to winning bidders. A Buyer’s Premium is an amount added to the winning bid amount or “hammer price.” SSL charges a 16% BP if paid by credit card. It is reduced to 13% if paid by Cash or Wire Transfer, SSL does not accept checks.

For example, if the winning bid is $100 and you pay by cash, the Buyer’s Premium would be $13. The total Price is then calculated as the Winning Bid Amount ($100) + the Buyer’s premium ($13) for a total of $113 before taxes and fees (if applicable).